The Cyprus Piper

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Here are a list of tunes that I am competant of playing, at any occasion.
If there is a tune you wish me to play, which is not on the list, you can enquire by email.

3/4 Marches                               4/4 Marches                              6/8 Marches                              Slow Airs
Castle Dangerouse

Loch Maree

Shoals of Herring

Green Hills

Battles Over

Macfail of Burrsean

Battle of the Somme

Heights of Dargai

Lord Lovets Lament

Colins Cattle

Jimmy Findlater
Bonnie Lass of Fyvie

Battle of Killiecrankie

Over the Hills Maggie

Ye Jacobites

Murdo's Wedding

Flett from Flota

Rose of Allandale

Scotland the Brave

Rowan Tree

Marries Wedding

Galaway Hills

Within a Mile of Ed'burgh Toon

Battle of Waterloo

Charlies Roses

Smiths a Gallant Fireman

The Gardens of Syke

Meeting of the Waters


Pack up Your Troubles

Daisy Daisy

Men of Harlech

The Crags of Tumbledown

Mountain and Falkland Palace
P/M D. Maclean of Lewis

Leaving Port Askaig

Bruce Gandy Ironhorse

Farewell to The Creeks

Auld Adam

10th Bat. Crossing the Rhine

Cock of The North

Miss Ishabel T. McDonald

Angus MacKinnon

Redford Cottage
Massacre of Glencoe

Amazing Grace

The Music of Spey

For Ireland